Emma is determined to expose Charlie

Emma is determined to arrest Charlie for impersonating a police officer. She’s thrown when he insists he’s undercover, then threatening to report her affair with Max unless she stops seeing him. Emma tells Max, who visits Dot to make sure Charlie hasn’t told her about them. Meanwhile, Charlie pulls up at a care home… He’s working there as a cleaner for his mum, Yvonne. When Yvonne is twitchy about Charlie’s involvement with Dot bringing Nick back into their lives, Charlie promises to stop seeing her. Later, Charlie’s car is vandalised and it’s clear it was Nick…

Denise reluctantly agrees to check out some care homes for Patrick with Ian. Opening up to Shabnam, Denise reveals how guilty she feels. Shabnam is understanding, telling Denise she doesn’t need to feel guilty, making Denise feel comfortable enough to view the homes.

Peter is distant with Lola, but she’s touched when he invites her to a romantic lunch at the restaurant. It’s soon clear, however, that Peter has only taken her there to spy on Lauren’s date with Dean. Lauren enjoys her lunch with Dean, until he turns down Lola for a job at Blades. Lauren storms off, leaving Dean humiliated.

Also, Whitney sleeps with Lee. Later, she gets a strange message through social media.