Emma lays into Chas!

Waking up to find the Woolie has been trashed puts Chas into yet another spin. She’s convinced it’s the work of her ‘stalker’ and Emma’s the main suspect especially as she’s admitted to locking the barmaid in the pub’s cellar. When James questions his wife, knowing she’s got a thing against his ex, Emma is livid. Later, she confronts Chas who crumples as the nurse lays into her.

Robert returns to the scene of his shooting, still unsure about who pulled the trigger on him. Aaron’s been banged up for it, but Robert tells Victoria he’ll know whether his ex lover did it when Aaron stands in the dock to testify.

When Rodney quizzes Bernice about her sleeping arrangements with Lawrence, it’s clear he’s hit a nerve. Will Bernice manage to get her fiance between the sheets?

Unable to face the school run and risk bumping into Tess, Paddy asks Marlon to have Leo overnight so he and Rhona can get away for a date night.