Emma leaves James to die!

*First episode*

After Emma tells James that Pete flipped to find her looking after Jack, she’s furious when her ex confronts their son about it. Storming over to Butler’s, Emma confronts James while he’s setting up a hoist to move some heavy bags of feed, but as the row escalates James takes his eye off the ball and ends up crushed under the load. Emma checks James and finds he’s not breathing, but rather than call for help she just walks away and leaves him to die!

When Robert suggests spending a night together in a hotel, Aaron’s unable to resist the idea of being alone with him. Later, however, as Robert phones the hotel to book the room, Katie overhears the conversation. Determined to prove to Chrissie that Robert is up to no good, Katie decides they should follow him…

Despite the diagnosis from her doctor, Nicola’s determined to get pregnant, while Aaron tells Paddy he’s meeting a guy but regrets telling him a bit too much, and Kerry hatches a plan to get Tracy out of Sam’s life, but will it work?