Emma makes extravagant demands of Charity

After Cain tells Emma that Charity won’t let her anywhere near Moses once she’s out of prison, he’s stunned when she doesn’t put up a fight. But that’s because Emma thinks she’s got the situation nailed! At the prison again, she visits Charity and explains her proposition and demands. She wants Ross to be given full custody of his son Moses and Ross’s name to be put on his birth certificate, too. But will Charity hand over her grandson as easily as that?

Chas and Aaron’s relationship has completely broken down, leaving the mum unsure about what to do. She’s horrified when Cain later reveals he caught her son self-harming a while back. Blaming Robert, Chas confronts her son’s ex, who makes it clear she needs to have a serious talk with Aaron about something, and soon, as her son is falling apart…

Having turned his life around, widower Pollard is determined to do his late wife Val proud and bag the B&B an industry award. Elsewhere, Nicola hands in her resignation with a view to becoming a full-time mum.