Emma needs to prove herself

Jimmi and Emma go to a Forensic Medical Examiner training day but Emma makes a number of errors, distracted by Jimmi’s grumbles about Anthony. When she complains to the trainer, Grant, that she has been a Police Surgeon for years, he challenges her to prove it. As her self-doubt grows, Jimmi suggests snapping an elastic band against her wrist will help her concentrate. After a long day, they are both relived to pass.

Later, Emma tells Jimmi that he might be out of step with the rest of them when it comes to Anthony, and that to pursue it might be destructive. Feeling he has no other choice, Jimmi tells Grant that it might be time for him to leave The Mill.

Zara tries to organise her housewarming, but as apologies for lack of attendance flood in, she decides to go on a charm offensive. As it starts to look like they will have no guests at all, Zara resigns herself to the fact that the evening is a disaster. But come the end of the day, everyone reveals that it has been a big joke, and that they will of course all be there.