Howard surprises Emma with what sounds like a boring day off to give her a break – a training program on how to hold difficult conversations at a posh hotel. Though Emma’s initially resistant, she does agree to attend with him.

In the conference room, the pair are confronted by course leader Rowena, who comes up with an array of role play events to illustrate how to deal with awkward conversations. When Emma blows her top with Rowena as she pretends to be a parking cop, it looks as if the day may be a disaster.  

Over lunch, however, Emma and Howard have a candid conversation about how she’s struggling to stay positive for Sam with his recent ailments. She then confuses Howard by revealing a desire to take him to bed – right now!

For her final role play of the day, Rowena sets up her ‘dilemma’ scenario – the famous final scene from Casablanca. As Emma is dressed up as Ingrid, Howard puts on Bogey’s trenchcoat and Emma can’t help but fight against Rowena’s insistence that she choose one man over the other.

Later, Emma lets slip that she and Sam have an open marriage, and Howard realises this opens the door for he and Emma to be together again. However, Emma has to admit that, right now, she has to be there for Sam and walks away.

Howard is now more consumed by desire for Emma than ever before.

Also, one of Chris’s patients is conducting nefarious business at a secret bachelor pad without his wife’s knowledge, which is jeopardised when he loses his phone.