Emma opens up to Ruhma

Jimmi’s annoyed when Mrs Tembe pushes again for Ruhma to join the Mill as a part-time midwife – it’s the wrong time and she’s clashed with Heston. Later, Mrs Tembe and Karen are shocked to see Emma back at work but she bravely insists she’s fine. As they talk, Ruhma turns up and an apologetic Mrs Tembe tells her that Jimmi’s still against the proposal. Later, Ruhma gets Emma to open up a bit about how she is feeling. Inspired by her support, Emma persuades Jimmi to change his mind about the midwife.

Heston discovers Mrs Tembe is determined to get Ruhma in as resident midwife just as a dementia patient, George, turns up for his appointment. When George reveals he has signed his house over to his daughter, Gwen, Heston is suspicious that she sees her dad as a burden. However, when he’s proved wrong, Jimmi suggests he might have let his feelings about Ruhma cloud his judgement.

Also, Valerie ropes Karen into hosting a Cooks Heaven party at her house tomorrow night.