Sam has decided to make the most of the time he has left and wants to plan a party. Chris is devastated but Emma has decided that, if she can’t talk Sam out of going to Switzerland, she wants to try and enjoy the time they have left together. But when Chris catches her looking up party things on the internet he’s furious. Then, when he finds them both giggling about old parties he says he wants nothing to do with this one! As he goes to leave for the pub, Emma stops him; can’t he spend some time with his dad, he hasn’t got long left. Chris breaks down.

Howard is sick with nerves as he announces that he wants to take on Julia’s share of the Partnership and is stunned to find both Heston and Daniel are delighted. Later, all the Partners reconvene as Heston reveals he has a patient who wants to end his life in Switzerland. Howard knows he’s talking about Sam but stays quiet, while Daniel discovers that the added complication for the Practice is that the patient is Emma’s husband and Chris’s Dad. The mood is very different as they leave Howard’s office and when Emma appears Howard wants to comfort her.

Also, Jimmi finds himself facing his own demons when he is called upon to help catch a serial rapist.