Mrs Tembe discovers Howard has been reading a book entitled ‘Better Management Techniques’ as he feels responsible for people leaving recently. Emma plays a trick on him, telling a panicked Howard that the Care Quality Commission is doing spot inspections in the area. Eventually, Emma confesses she made the whole thing up and points out that it was not his fault that people were leaving.

Sarah Watkinson has a terminal illness and during an appointment with Niamh explains that her sister, Jean, is interfering in what life she has left. Jean comes into the consulting room and Niamh tries to make them listen to what the other wants. For Sarah, it is to go on a world cruise without Jean…

Kevin goes to a funeral and meets Marvin the funeral director, who knows of a surgery that’s looking for a young doctor. What Kevin doesn’t realise is that there is something dodgy going on with the dead body and that Marv is up to his eyes in the illegal dealings.