Having caught Noah running away from Butler’s Farm, Emma has got the lad hidden in a room at the B&B and is planning to use his disappearance to her advantage. Moira’s really worried and scared to tell Cain that Noah has gone. When Moira tells Emma what’s happened, the scheming nurse pretends to be shocked.

When Aaron notices the Woolie’s ‘for sale’ sign has been taken down, he wants words with his mum. Assuming it’s because of Gordon, Aaron takes another pop at Chas about her seeing his dad. After informing Aaron she’s taken out a bank loan to buy the pub, angry Chas flips and tells Aaron to pack his bags!

Jimmy’s taken aback when Nicola offers to give up work so she can look after the kids now her hubby’s been given full parental responsibility of Carl. But can she hack it?

Dan and Kerry get their relationship back on track. But as they make up, they’re unaware their passion is being caught on camera!