Emma’s unimpressed when she discovers Howard’s been cancelling her clinics to ease her workload. It does free her up to spend the afternoon with Chris, however, when he suggests retracing one of his father’s favourite cycle routes though a medieval battlefield. They enjoy a picnic and reminiscing about Sam, until Emma accidentally calls Chris ‘Sam’ – awkward!

As Zara rushes to remove the buggy from the boot of her car she trips over it, breaking her ankle. She manages to drive to work, where she assures Karen her ankle is fine, but ignores Jas’s diagnosis of a break. So she’s furious when Daniel arrives, puts her on his shoulder and carries her into the car before driving her to St Phil’s for an X-ray. When a break is confirmed, and Daniel offers to move in to help with Joe, she is livid.

Also, a child’s future is at stake when life begins to mirror art for a Punch and Judy man.