Emma ‘rescues’ Chas

*Hour-long episode*

Having confessed that she lied about having motor neurone disease, Emma has offered to move out and is distraught as none of her boys try to stop her. As Emma goes to leave she clocks Chas in a terrible state. Will the nurse reach out to help the woman who she thinks is having an affair with her man?

In the morning, Chas wakes to find the Woolie has been vandalised in the night. Worried her post-traumatic stress disorder has returned, Chas is loathe to report it, wondering if she could have been behind the break-in herself. When Emma runs into traumatised Chas she insists Chas goes to hospital. But while Chas thinks the nurse is doing a good deed, she’s just trying to get her out of the way. It turns out Emma trashed the Woolie knowing it would spook Chas big-time. But has Cain smelled a rat?

Bernice is furious and heartbroken when she finds Lawrence burning old love letters from plumber Ronnie Hale, who she’s learned from Lisa is gay!

Elsewhere, Lisa vows not to shed another tear over Zak as their divorce is finalised.