Emma jumps on Howard at the hotel, but he falls off the bed and sprains his groin. Emma heads to the pharmacy for strong painkillers, but when she comes back Howard’s knocking back champagne. In the hotel restaurant, a drunk Howard makes a complete spectacle of himself and starts singing at the top of his voice. Emma asks a waiter to help get him back to their room and once there, Howard collapses onto the bed and promptly falls asleep. She can’t believe how her romantic weekend has turned out.

Sean and Niamh go to a gay club and Niamh is delighted to see an old work colleague, Theo. She had no idea Theo was gay, but she soon discovers that he isn’t gay after all and that he fancies her. The pair kiss but Niamh quickly realises she isn’t ready for a new relationship and leaves.

Niamh and Sean head off home, reminiscing about their family in Ireland and Niamh is buoyed when Sean insists they all miss her.