Emma seduces James!

When James needles Rhona for more information on Chas’s relationship with Paddy, the vet is left stunned by his venom. Having found out more, James then lays into Chas who’s sent reeling from his accusations. It’s music to Emma’s ears when she hears James and Chas have had a big bust up. Inviting her ex back to her place, she goes in for the kill and lures him to the bedroom…

With David having been arrested, Jacob decides he wants to come clean and admit it was he who vandalised Home Farm. As her son asks Rakesh for legal help, Alicia despairs of the mess and doesn’t know what to do for the best.

As Carly creates yet more trouble, Brenda is at breaking point with her husband’s scheming daughter. When Debbie has a row with Carly and Brenda as well, it’s all too much. Packing her bags, frustrated Brenda tells Bob she’s ready to go. Will kind-hearted Bob make a choice between his daughter and his wife?