Emma wonders who’s messing with her when she’s ‘spooked’ in church

Killer nurse Emma wonders who's messing with her when she's spooked in church, meanwhile Gerry's been nobbled by Robert and is duly spying for him

Laurel’s away and the mice are about to play. Gabby wants Arthur to help her with the next stage of her ‘mess with Emma’ plan. When the deeply religious nurse visits the village church, Gabby sees to it that Emma is left well and truly spooked. Emma may have fallen for the prayer card bit but this is stretching it. As the nurse begins to wonder who’s got it in for her (let’s face it, it could be ANYBODY), will she work out it’s Gabby Thomas?

At Home Farm, Gerry’s been nobbled by Robert and is duly spying on Belle and Lachlan for him. With his eye on the prize of stealing Home Farm from the White family, what will Robert do next?