Emma struggles as the investigation begins

As the investigation into Nicholas’s death gets underway, Rob spots some empty alcohol bottles in the kitchen and wants a reluctant Emma to take blood samples from both parents. Jane, the social worker, tells Rob that she thinks Emma is too close to the case, so asks Jimmi to step in. But Emma’s annoyed and tells Jimmi, Rob and Jane that they’re all against Paul and Rhiannon –  Nicholas’s death was clearly an accident. Jimmi disagrees – he doesn’t think the injuries are consistent with an accident and, when Rob agrees with him, Emma’s left feeling very much alone.

It’s Ramadan, and Heston and Ruhma are with Alia and Shak, waiting for the hands on the Iftar clock to move round to sundown so that they can eat. Heston’s delighted when Shak refers to him as ‘one of the family’, while Ruhma gets a call from Emma to tell her that Nicholas has died.

Ruhma tells Alia what’s happened and, in turn, Alia confesses that she’s being picked on by a group of girls on social media. Ruhma is supportive and encourages her to stand up for herself.