Heston picks up on Emma’s loneliness and suggests she might need a hobby. This gets Emma thinking and she later signs up for a yoga retreat. Kevin thinks it all sounds a bit dull but Niamh is more supportive, especially when Emma agrees to show them all some yoga moves. Unknown to Niamh, Emma is bluffing and knows very little. Kevin however has picked up on this and delights in winding her up!

Meanwhile, as Zara prepares for her breastfeeding presentation, Daniel wonders why she’s taking her designer shoes and Zara explains she told the girls they could try them on or they wouldn’t turn up. At the community centre, a grumpy caretaker seems more interested in Zara’s posh shoes than helping her. As the breastfeeding session gets underway, the girls plot to have a laugh at Zara’s expense and she struggles to keep control.

Zara eventually manages to turn things around and Daniel arrives just as Zara is handing out goody bags to her now enthusiastic group of girls. Suddenly, however, Zara realises her fancy shoes have gone – the girls must have stolen them! An amused Daniel looks out of the window and sees the caretaker tottering down the street in them…

Also, Daniel helps a troubled teenager whose ideas about the future are very different to those of his pregnant girlfriend.