Emma thinks Debbie can lead her to Ross

*Hour-long episode*

Emma is on a mission to find Ross and thinks Debbie will be able to take her to him. She can’t – but Emma won’t believe her. Desperate, Debbie asks Cain where Ross is and is horrified when Cain tells her he left Ross in a van on the edge of a quarry and when he went back for him he was gone. Emma later has questions for Cain, too and he admits warning Ross off. As far as Emma’s concerned, that’s a confession. Meanwhile, at home, Debbie tells Pete what Cain did with Ross. This is where Pete could confess, but he doesn’t. Instead, he quietly panics, knowing Emma is gunning for Cain.

Dan’s been down on himself since he felt so helpless as he watched Ruby die. Then Ashley has a sudden seizure in front of him and he feels helpless all over again, not knowing what to do.

Jimmy knows he has to sell his house to get out of the financial hole he’s in. And Rakesh wants to buy it – but not for a fair price. Also, Joanie thinks Rachel’s abusing Sam and tells Zak.