Emma has some unwanted guests

Daniel and Zara decide to stay at Emma's HomeBnB

Emma is surprised to find Zara and Daniel on her doorstep unannounced. Emma’s left even more shocked, however, when Zara starts talking in an American accent. It becomes clear that Zara and Daniel have turned up to give Emma’s HomeBnB hosting skills a test run. However, their good intentions create disaster after disaster. Will Zara and Daniel’s stay give Emma second thoughts about listing her home on HomeBnB?

Meanwhile, after attending their men’s group session, Heston and Rob decide to go for a drink together. Over drinks, they discuss the last few weeks and decide to put their altercation behind them. Heston confesses that his marriage to Ruhma has felt strained since Besa. Rob says Ruhma just needs to give her time. Is Rob right?

Later, when Heston returns from the men’s toilets, he find a young man who looks disorientated with blue lips. Has Heston got a medical case on his hands?