Emma wants Chas out of the picture!

*First episode*

In a bid to stop Finn from moving away from the village to get over Darren, Emma and James take their son out for a night on the town. But when Chas arrives in the same bar, the night takes on a whole other meaning as the women vie for James.

Having given Laurel a wide birth, Marlon is finally ready to talk. When he insists she must change her ways, eager Laurel presents him with a letter she’s had about an appointment to get help. But her attempt to patch things up soon falls flat when Marlon is forced to go to hospital. It turns out that Laurel’s punch has done him some serious damage, which is going to need surgery! It’s the last straw for Cain who tracks Laurel down to Tall Trees and finds her drunk when she should be at her appointment. With that, he tells her to pack and leave and take a fistful of cash with her.

Fed up with having Tracy around, Bernice accuses her of stealing her watch and then decides to tell Nicola what’s going on at Tall Trees in her absence. Suffice to say Nicola wants Tracy gone – ASAP!