Karen arrives at work and announces that she and Rob are going their separate ways. While Karen’s putting on a brave face, Mandy sees Emma looking tearful and, knowing she’s thinking about late husband Sam and is worried about son Chris’s unusual behaviour, insists they go out for a walk.

In the park, Emma tells Mandy how raw Sam’s death still feels but then realises she hasn’t even asked how Mandy is feeling after what happened with Lois. Mandy is happy to share some of her feelings and, by the time they head back to work, both are feeling much better about things.

Later, as Karen walks home, she’s clearly preoccupied thinking about her future when she notices there’s an argument going on between a cyclist and a van driver. Karen recognises the cyclist as Chris and, as she heads towards them, she realises he’s trying to provoke the van driver into hitting him.

Karen defuses the situation and watches the driver get back into his van. As Chris gets back on his bike, Karen’s shocked to see Chris’s T-shirt riding up to reveal bruises all over his body – but before Karen can ask him about them he’s ridden off into the distance…

Also, Kevin’s past comes back to haunt him when he sees someone from his school days who seems to have landed on his feet. But after uncovering a web of lies, Kevin discovers his own life isn’t so bad after all.