Emma looks in on Sam and discovers he has died during the night. She stands outside Chris’s door summoning courage, but he dashes into the bathroom, late for work. When he emerges, Emma follows him downstairs and tells him what’s happened. Distraught, Chris leaves. When Emma tells Sam’s GP Heston that he has died, Heston insists on coming over. 

Emma sees Heston’s visit as a formality – she believes Sam died from another stroke – but Heston does a very thorough examination and asks lots of questions. Heston says only a post mortem can reveal if Sam had suffered a second stroke and Heston is honour bound to mark this down as an unexpected death. Emma’s distraught as Heston stops her from touching Sam as the coroner’s undertakers take him away.

Meanwhile, Mrs Tembe comes into work cherishing the thought of her little secret, fledgling love for vicar Gordon. But when Karen starts asking some probing questions, Mrs Tembe gets embarrassed – the whole thing makes her feel very uncomfortable. Then, when Mandy and Jas tease Mrs Tembe about Gordon, she loses her rag with Karen for broadcasting.

Later, Gordon invites Mrs Tembe out for lunch – with Rob and Karen! Mrs Tembe is uncomfortable with this but Gordon is sensitive to her concerns and promises to be discreet for her sake. The foursome have a really enjoyable lunch like old friends and it feels like the most natural thing in the world for Mrs Tembe and Gordon to be an ‘item’.