Will Emma’s HomeBnB be a success?

Emma tests out her HomeBnB hosting skills on Will and Erin

Jimmi thanks Emma for having Will and Erin as trial guests. Emma seems happy with how the trial went and says she enjoyed the company. She also puts Jimmi out of his misery and tells him that she thinks Will and Erin are a couple. Later, Erin turns up at The Mill and requests to see Jimmi as a patient. When she enters Jimmi’s room, the pair discuss Erin’s future as a nurse, but it doesn’t take long before they begin flirting…

Meanwhile, when Ben tells Valerie he’s tired, she decides to make him a custom diet plan. In order to get into Valerie’s good books, he agrees to give the plan a go, but Heston has a look at the plan and worries that Valerie’s diet advice might not be safe. Later, Valerie is starving – but won’t admit it – and shortly after she collapses! Has Valerie’s healthy eating obsession caused serious damage to her physical health?