Emma’s put in danger

PCs Keane and Noble discover Tina Wilson, who has been attacked after getting into a cab at Majestic Casino. When her empty handbag is found – as well as a bloodied knife with her prints all over it – she confesses she carried the knife for protection and remembers stabbing the attacker.

It turns out casino barman, Billy Campbell and Tina’s cab driver David Kinney used to be in business together. Also, another woman had been attacked near the casino. In both cases, they had a big win, Billy had called for a taxi and David was the driver.

An undercover sting is arranged where Emma, pretending to be drunk, allows Billy to call her a cab. However, a surprising turn leaves her in danger…

Meanwhile, Sergeant Stone and PC Casper attend a call where Clare Turner has found drugs in her live-in nanny Sarah’s belongings. Sarah tells Stone that the drugs belong to Claire’s husband Mark, who she is having an affair with and that she knows where Mark keeps his stash.

Stone persuades her to meet up with him while the officers lie in wait. However, when Mark turns up and tells Sarah that he’s left his wife, her resolve begins to weaken…

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