Emma’s slip up causes a storm…

When Emma breaks a precious memento made by Moira's dead daughter Holly, she's given her marching orders by the grieving mum

With Adam and Victoria moving back to Keeper’s, Moira’s trying to put a brave face on everything. But inside, she’s in utter turmoil over the loss of her daughter, marriage and the death of her brother-in-law, James, who was in love with her.

Unable to resist, the grieving farmer trawls through old boxes and is moved to find a bauble which her dead daughter Holly made one year. But all Hell breaks loose, though, when Emma accidentally breaks the precious tree decoration causing Moira to flip and kick her out of Butler’s!

Later, Moira shuts up shop for the day at the farm – but Emma sneaks about determined to cause havoc

In a bid to get rid of Frank, Leyla and Vanessa tamper with the order sheet he’s written up for the shop. Liv tells Bernice that Gabby is being bullied – but Aaron refuses to believe his wayward half-sister when she claims to have been sticking up for her friend.