Belle pretends she’s pregnant!

In a bid to keep Bailey in her life, Belle claims to be pregnant with his child!

The Dingles have their work cut out trying to keep Belle away from Bailey so Charity lies in wait to intercept the cheating doc and then threatens him! Although he promises to leave Emmerdale for good, it only leads to more trouble as Belle finds out and goes ballistic. The panicked teen tracks down her older lover and tells him she’s going with him. As he tries to talk her out of it, in desperation Belle lies and tells him she’s pregnant to force him to stay!

Although Laurel has made her mind up to leave Ashley, she’s finding it hard to tell the vicar as she knows it’s going to hit him hard. When she finally delivers the bombshell, Ashley begs her to stay but Laurel refuses. Devastated, Ashley turns to Sandy for help while Laurel goes for a walk with Doug, who reminds his daughter not give up on her wedding vows. Later, Ashley arrives at church and after chatting with his troubled wife, they agree to renew their vows with Doug filming it so that dementia sufferer Ashley will have a reminder of the step they’ve taken.

Fed up with everyone gossiping about her, Rhona makes a last ditch attempt to win back Pierce and kisses him in front of everyone in the Woolpack.