Belle’s baby lie exposed?

Lisa wants Belle to go to the doctor's about her and Bailey's 'pregnancy'!

*First episode*

Thinking he’s due to become a father, Bailey is overjoyed. Needing to get pregnant for real, as soon as possible, Belle aims to get the Doc in the sack. But her plan is about to backfire as her mum, Lisa, insists on dragging her daughter to the doctor’s about the ‘pregnancy’!

It’s Priya’s birthday but after confiding in David her suspicions about the fire, she storms over to the factory to confront Rakesh, where she’s where horrified to then find they’ve organised a surprise party for her there! Things deteriorate when insurance man Neville turns up and accuses Rakesh of making a fraudulent insurance claim.

Adam is annoyed as Victoria is forced to ask Marlon for her old job back and feels guilty as he knows the real reason she had to ditch the catering van.