Emmerdale spoilers! Furious Debbie Dingle orders Faith to stay away from Sarah

Debbie finds out Faith's clumsy comments have put Sarah off having treatment

The reason behind Sarah’s sudden decision to have any more hospital treatment becomes clear. Her mum Debbie Dingle (Charley Webb) is livid when she learns her extremely poorly daughter overheard Faith (Sally Dexter) saying surgery would be a waste of Sarah’s time.

Faith is riddled with guilt for causing such an epic problem and she’s determined to make amends. Ignoring Debbie’s order to stay away from Sarah, she sneaks into the ward and wheels her out, clearly with a naughty plan in mind…

Needing a boost, Frank’s eyes pop out of his head when he spots a shiny yellow vintage sports car at the garage. He wants to buy it from Ross but doesn’t have the cash.

Jacob lets rip at Maya, accusing her of trying to turn him against former stepmum Tracy. What has Maya said to prompt such rage?

Zak’s shaggy dog tale with stray mutt, Monty, continues.