Emmerdale spoilers! Chas Dingle struggles to hide her terrible baby secret

Chas Dingle struggles to hide the devastating diagnosis about her baby from fiance Paddy Kirk

Chas Dingle has been walking around in a painful daze ever since her recent baby scan. The appointment brought her joy as she learned she is carrying a girl but that was soon overshadowed by sheer agony as the sonographer spotted a serious problem.

Chas (Lucy Pargeter) was then told her unborn child had bilateral renal agenesis – a condition that means the baby can’t survive outside the womb. Paddy, who wasn’t able to make the scan, has no idea.

As Chas’ awful secret continues to burn inside her, she struggles in the face of Paddy’s excitement ahead of a baby shower he and best mate Marlon have planned. How much longer can Chas mask her pain?

The Dingles wait on tenterhooks for news on Sarah, the Spencers are yet to hear anything concrete about Amelia.