Emmerdale spoilers! Teenage kicks… Sarah Sugden, Noah Tate and co go joyriding

Sarah Sugden steals Joe Tate's car keys as her school friend Leanna takes the gang joyriding

Debbie is about to have a nightmare on her hands as her daughter Sarah Sugden and her pals go joyriding in Joe Tate’s car! Ringleader Leanna persuades Sarah to nab the keys before getting behind the wheel. The police catch the gang at it but it’s Sarah who’s collared as she’s unable run off like her mates.

Down at the station, as the detectives fire questions at Sarah, will she find away to deflect attention from the crime? All too soon there’s an emergency on the Dingles hands as Sarah, who has genetic disease Fanconi Anaemia, falls ill and has to be rushed to hospital…

Pollard is thrown when he finds a tatty old rucksack choc-full of cash. Later, Liv accuses Lachlan of being behind the burglary at the B&B.