Emmerdale spoilers! Aaron Dingle and Robert Sugden get married!

Aaron Dingle and Robert Sugden finally get legally married during a ceremony outside Emmerdale's village hall and in front of their loved ones

It’s time for Robert Sugden and Aaron Dingle to legally put a ring on it. At last!

But what with everything that’s been going on it takes a lot for the couple to go through with it, and get these smiles on their faces.

Aaron (Danny Miller) is really upset about his tiny baby sister Grace who was born earlier in the week and died the same day. It doesn’t feel right to be celebrating, but his grieving mum Chas is adamant that the wedding will go ahead – and that it will be a happy one.

As for Robert, well he’s worried about Aaron and he’s also got an issue with his sister Victoria Barton to deal with. Vic (Isabel Hodgins) is furious that he and Aaron have been lying to her about her on-the-run husband Adam, and she’s refusing to attend the ceremony. Robert (Ryan Hawley) doesn’t want to get hitched without her.

The big wedding day for Robron at last!

Fortunately, everything ends up aligning for the pair, who share a tender moment prior to getting married under a pagoda outside the village hall.

“They write their own vows and they wear suits,” revealed Ryan Hawley who plays Robert, during an interview about the happy storyline. “Chas goes to a lot of effort to make it a really special occasion for Aaron.

“There’s a particular scene where Robert and Aaron come back from getting their suits and meet Chas and Faith who’ve spent the whole day getting the decorations ready. They’re a lot classier than last time they got hitched!”

True love: Robert Sugden and Aaron Dingle share a tender moment before tying the knot

A moment of true happiness hits Ross, too. It’s about time.

Wanting to be alone with Rebecca White, Ross (Mike Parr) hires out the cafe. As the pair talk about their feelings for each other, Ross pulls in Rebecca (Emily Head) for a kiss! And with that, they’re back on track.

Ross Barton and Rebecca White kiss in the cafe as their romance gets back on track

But there’s a blot on Ross’ unusually upbeat landscape, of course. He’s taken aback when he hears from prostitute Dawn, who knows Simon who attacked him with acid. She’s got some information that Ross has wanted for a very long and painful time… But will the info do Ross any good?

Ross Barton meets up with Dawn who has news which the mechanic has waited a long time to hear

Emmerdale will return on Monday.