Emmerdale spoilers! Aaron Dingle moves in on his enemies – the Posners

Targetting the Posner family – who Aaron feels have ruined his life – the Dingle rolls out the final part of his revenge plan…

Emmerdale‘s Aaron Dingle menaces the Posner family in the first of Thursday’s episodes (7pm see our TV Guide for full listings).

Aaron Dingle (Danny Miller) is like a dog with a bone at the moment.

In a dark and depressed state since his husband Robert (Ryan Hawley) was jailed for life for the death of rapist Lee Posner, he’s now blaming the Posner family for his demise – and is gunning for revenge.

Having been intimidating Wendy Posner at every turn since she moved into the village (hoping to play gran when Victoria Sugden gives birth to her grandchild), Aaron’s lurking in the shadows while the nurse is trying to have a nice neighbourly chat with Bob (Tony Audenshaw).

Having moved to the village, Wendy Posner is getting to know neighbour Bob Hope

Wendy rushes to get in her car when she sees Aaron in Emmerdale

Scared Wendy rushes to get in her car when she sees Aaron in Emmerdale

When the nurse clocks Aaron, she jumps in her car only to be further spooked as she thinks he’s tailing her!

As terrified Wendy puts her foot down does danger lie ahead? Is Aaron following her?

Later, when Luke Posner (Max Porter) returns home, angry Aaron is lying in wait… What’s the Dingle going to do?

Luke is worried what Aaron is about to do to him in Emmerdale

Aaron Dingle is waiting for Luke Posner inside his home in Emmerdale

Emmerdale continues on ITV.