Emmerdale spoilers! Stay away from Liv… Aaron kicks Jacob out of Mill

Aaron kicks out Jacob when jealous Maya tells the mechanic he's alone with Aaron's sister Liv

Things are going strength to strength for Jacob and Liv who’s relieved when he accepts her asexuality. They’re having a great time alone together at Mill when furious Aaron bursts in the door and chucks out Jacob! After the lies Jacob told about Liv before there’s no way Aaron’s going to let his little sister get involved with him.

Watching on as Jacob is turfed out into the cold is Maya. It’s down to her that it’s all kicked off. The predatory teacher can’t stand the fact that Jacob has ended their ‘affair’ – nor the fact that Jacob’s spending time with someone else – so she’s tipped off Aaron, knowing what his reaction would be.

Will Aaron be put the kibosh on Liv and Jacob?

In the cafe, Dawn meets up with the social worker who’s handling her son Lucas’ case. Embracing her newfound resolve to get him out of care no matter what, Dawn distracts her and while she’s away from her laptop Dawn photographs a page of Lucas’ files – with his address on…

Dawn meets up with her social worker to talk about her son Lucas who’s in care

Having distracted the social worker, Dawn grabs her laptop and captures a photograph of Lucas’ address

Jai clocks Manpreet in a spot as her credit card gets turned down and wonders what’s going on. Is she hiding something from Rishi and the Sharma family?