Emmerdale spoilers! Amelia Spencer discovers Daz is her biological dad!

What will Amelia do when she discovers Dan and Kerry have been hiding a big secret from her - Uncle Daz is really her biological dad!

It was all-out war at the Spencer house when a DNA test revealed Daz is Amelia’s biological dad.

Dan, who has raised Amelia as his own daughter, has been trying to keep the truth from the teenager. But it is getting trickier as Amelia is so keen to spend time with funny ‘ol “Uncle” Daz.

Dan’s girlfriend Kerry warns him to try and act more normal around Daz, otherwise Amelia is going to guess something is going on.

Amelia adores her Uncle Daz, but doesn’t realise he is her biological dad. (Picture: ITV)

But it looks like the secret is out…

Amelia starts recording her vlog and when Dan and Kerry interrupt her she accidentally leaves the camera recording and it captures a conversation with Dan admitting he is not Amelia’s real dad!

When Amelia watches the video footage back later, will she finally discover the shock family secret?

Emmerdale continues weekdays at 7:00pm on ITV