Emmerdale spoilers! Can Kerry persuade Amelia to stick around?

Amelia must decide whether to go through with her plan to leave Emmerdale with dad Daz after worried Kerry tries to change her mind

The rows continue between Kerry and Dan Spencer as Amelia’s departure looms. Kerry (Laura Norton) is desperate for Dan’s non-biological daughter Amelia to stay in the village, knowing her biological dad Daz (Mark Jordon) is all but incapable of looking after the young teen. During a heart-to-heart, can Kerry get Amelia to see things from her point of view?

Elsewhere, with Graham Foster now on to Robert’s con to take money out of the Tate empire, via a fake development he’s dreamed up, a timebomb is ticking… Is Robert (Ryan Hawley) about to fall victim to his own scam?

Will Robert and Jimmy fall victim to their own con

Robert Sugden talks to Jimmy King unaware he’s at risk of falling victim to his very own con

Dawn (Olivia Bromley) is on self-destruct and has started drinking heavily to numb her torment. Not wanting any part in Dawn’s pity party, Harriet (Katherine Dow Blyton) gets tough and warns her to get her act together or risk losing her son forever. But is Dawn’s decision to go cold turkey the right one?

Second episode of Emmerdale this evening.