Emmerdale spoilers! How long can Andrea Tate avoid the truth about daughter Millie’s birth?

There's no hiding in hospital as Andrea Tate is plagued by Graham Foster who wants to know if Millie is his daughter…

At the hospital following the incident at Emmerdale’s Home Farm, Jamie and his mum Kim fuss over Millie who was knocked down by a horse and has a broken leg. Millie’s mum Andrea Tate, meanwhile, is going through the motions. Though she’s acting the doting mum, inside she’s in turmoil.

With Graham Foster having done the maths and realised he could be Millie’s biological dad – following a one-night stand way-back-when – he wants an answer!

When Andrea fails to respond to his angry message, Graham returns to the ward to confront her in person.

Graham demands answers from Andrea in Emmerdale

Graham wants Andrea to tell him if he is her daughter Millie’s father

Will panicky Andrea reveal the truth?

Who is Millie’s dad… Andrea’s husband Jamie or Andrea’s former ’employer’ Graham Foster?