Emmerdale spoilers: POLICE investigate the bones. Who’s got a secret?

Following the discovery of human bones at the school, the police investigate… Has one of the villagers got something to hide?

So human bones of a baby have been found in the grounds of the village school in Emmerdale and questions need to be answered.

As the police open up an investigation, they piece the facts together and soon a sketchy scenario emerges…

Down at the station DI Bradwall (Emma Rydal) reveals a photograph of someone who seems to be the most likely candidate to be the baby’s mother – a 16-year-old girl called Jenny Finn!

And this Jenny bears an uncanny resemblance to one of the villagers… Who? WHO?

  • Emmerdale mystery: DI Bradwall has a photo of a ‘Jenny Finn’ who appears to be the most likely candidate to be the buried baby’s mum. Who is this Jenny?

    This is the second of tonight’s episodes.