Emmerdale spoilers! There’s a shock for Chas Dingle at her baby scan

Will bad luck strike again when Chas Dingle goes for her next baby scan?

Chas Dingle and Paddy are trying to put any thoughts about their wedding day being doomed behind them, and instead look ahead to the birth of their first child together.

However, Chas has a panic when she realises she’s got the date of her next baby scan mixed-up. It’s not tomorrow…but today!

With fiancé Paddy nowhere to be found, Chas rushes off to the baby scan on her own, worried she’ll miss the appointment. At the hospital, Chas is thrilled to discover she is pregnant with a baby girl.

(Picture: ITV)

But before Chas gets the chance to break the news to Paddy, the sonographer notices something worrying about the baby scan and takes a closer look…

Could there be something seriously wrong?

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