Emmerdale spoilers: Belle Dingle’s life is in danger from killer Lachlan!

Is Belle about to discover the terrible truth about her boyfriend Lachlan's killer activities? And will she live to tell the tale?

After her discovery of the bloody jacket, Belle demands to know where her brother Sam is and what Lachlan has done to him.

But when Belle sees Sam’s seemingly lifeless body she begins to fear the worst as the truth about her boyfriend Lachlan becomes a whole lot clearer…

With things around him spiralling out of control, killer Lachlan decides it’s time to flee the village…and Belle is leaving with him, whether she likes it or not!

Meanwhile, Victoria gets ready for her date with Ellis. But protective Matty is not impressed when he sees Ellis flirting with a bunch of girls in The Woolpack and storms over to confront him. And it’s not long before the punches fly!

And Bernice is clearly smitten with Dr Cavanagh when the dashing doctor takes her side in an argument about the allergic reaction Faith had to one of Bernice’s beauty masks. Could this mean her renewed romance with Daz is doomed?

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