Emmerdale spoilers: Will Billy’s police tip-off succeed as evil Max rolls out his robbery?

Billy has tipped off the police about an armed robbery Max has planned – but will the sting succeed?

Dodgy ex-con Max (Jordan Reece) is ready to rumble and warns ‘accomplice’ Billy (Jay Kontzle) not to mess up. But Billy’s already ‘messed up’ and has told the police about the robbery the villain has mapped out!

After Max’s text pings, giving Billy the go-ahead, the police pounce… But something goes wrong leaving Billy fearful as DS Sanders warns him he can’t guarantee that the crook doesn’t know he shopped him!

Billy Fletcher takes part in Max’s robbery – but has tipped off the police

Will the police sting get evil Max off Billy’s back and stop him harassing Billy’s stressed-out brother Ellis?

Elsewhere, it’s all systems go for the big football match which has had the Emmerdale menfolk in a twist for weeks. With a £500 prize at stake, the players and their managers are gunning to get the most goals and win the match.

With Bear (Joshua Richards) in charge of the village team, Jimmy (Nick Miles) and Doug’s (Duncan Preston) hearts sink when they hear who’s managing the opposition…