Emmerdale spoilers! Will Brenda Walker marry love-cheat Bob Hope?

Brenda Walker arrives at the church on her wedding day but there is no sign of the groom Bob Hope

It’s the big day and Brenda Walker is getting ready to marry Bob Hope. But unbeknown to her, her groom has gone AWOL. As the couple’s friends try to track down Bob, the plan is to stall Brenda to stop her from turning up at the church. It doesn’t pan out. Brenda duly arrives and learns Bob has vanished… Where is he? Will he turn up? And will they get married?

Arthur is upset because he thinks he’s lost his grandad Doug’s medals. But Gerry is later found wearing them. Were they stolen?

Dawn wants more painkillers from Ross, who in turn wants info on dodgy dealer Simon.

First episode of the evening.