Emmerdale spoilers: Angry Cain Dingle ATTACKS wife Moira…

When Moira tries to play peacekeeper between her hubby Cain and his daughter Debbie she finds herself caught in the crossfire of his violent temper...

Debbie Dingle’s world has been turned upside down by the shock discovery her dad Cain was responsible for the accidental death of her fiance Joe Tate on the couple’s wedding day. But she now feels equally betrayed by stepmum Moira who has also been keeping Cain’s killer secret.

Moira tries to talk to Debbie, thinking she can help heal the rift between dad and daughter. But she ends up making matters worse. With her bags packed, Debbie storms off again!

Cain loses it with Moira

Moira tries to play peacekeeper between Debbie and Cain. (Picture: ITV)

Blaming Moira for the terrible turn of events, Cain explodes with rage and smashes up the kitchen at Butler’s Farm! 

When Moira tries to calm down Cain, she finds herself on the receiving end of his violent temper and he pushes her against a wall…

Has Cain sunk to an all-time low? Will Debbie and Moira, the two main women in his life, ever forgive him now?

Cain loses it with Moira

Cain trashes the kitchen at Butler’s Farm in a violent rage… (Picture: ITV)

Meanwhile, Priya Sharma is still suspicious after noticing how her ex-David Metcalfe’s girlfriend Maya Stepney snatched her phone back from Priya and David’s young daughter, Amba.

Convinced Maya is hiding something, pot-stirring Priya shares her suspicions with David about her shifty behaviour.

David questions Maya

Jacob and Maya panic when David demands the truth… (Picture: ITV)

As David starts to wonder if Maya might be cheating on him, he decides to confront his teacher girlfriend, putting both Maya and David’s teenage stepson Jacob Gallagher in a panic that David is about to discover the pair have been having a secret affair…

Emmerdale continues weeknights at 7:00pm on ITV