Emmerdale spoilers! Why is Charity so cross with her granddaughter Sarah?

There trouble brewing for Charity and Sarah who's crossing the line with her feisty gran

Unlike the rest of her crazy family, the Dingles, Sarah (Katie Hill) always towed the line. But a rebellious streak seems to be emerging. With her mum Debbie Dingle (Charley Webb) having left Emmerdale for a new start in Scotland, it falls to Sarah’s gran, Charity (Emma Atkins) to have to deal with the situation.

Having told Charity and her fiancee Vanessa (Michelle Hardwick) that she and her mate Danny (Louis Healy) were going to study together, Sarah’s found, by Vanessa, larking about with her school mate.

Sarah gets into trouble in Emmerdale

Vanessa is cross when she finds Sarah with Danny when she was meant to be studying

Sarah cringes when her gran gets involved and tears a strip off her granddaughter in front of Danny.

Will Sarah tow the line or will Charity’s telling off simply fan the flames?