Emmerdale spoilers! Charity Dingle faces rapist DI Bails in court

Charity Dingle is in court hoping DI Bails will go down for raping her when she was a teenager

It’s the big day for Charity Dingle. And she is hoping with every bone in her body that the pain she’s going through will be worth it. That DI Bails, who groomed and raped her when she was a teenager, will get sent down for a very long time for his crimes.

But Charity (played by Emma Atkins) is terrified that the respected, two-faced DI is going to talk his way out of the situation. As she takes to the stand to relive her awful past, she’s buoyed to see her boys Ryan and Noah in attendance.

Sure enough, Bails (Rocky Marshall) twists the truth. Charity’s horrified by what she hears as he recounts having had genuine feelings for the teenager, a lie that’s subsequently backed up by his wife, Chloe.

Later, back at home, Charity breaks down, convinced DI Bails is going to get away with it all.

Elsewhere, Marlon’s relationship with Jessie (Sandra Marvin) continues along its bumpy road. The chef (Mark Charnock) is frustrated when Jessie insists they’re going to have to take things slowly now her son Ellis is on the scene. He clearly isn’t impressed with the news…

Emmerdale continues on ITV tomorrow evening at 7pm.