Emmerdale spoilers! Flashback episode reveals Charity Dingle’s past

Find out what happened to Charity Dingle all those years ago...

Charity Dingle recently told girlfriend Vanessa about her terrible teenage years, falling into prostitution and being sexually assaulted by crooked copper DI Bails.

In this special flashback episode, viewers will see the teenage Charity (played by Mica Proctor) and find out how she ended-up on the streets and came to meet dodgy policeman, Mark Bails.

As Charity re-lives the painful memories of what happened back then, the question is can she find a way to get justice in the present?

Mica Proctor plays the teenage Charity Dingle in a special flashback episode of Emmerdale. (Picture: ITV)

Emmerdale producer Iain MacLeod says: “Charity is a character with a complicated, fascinating and heartbreaking history – some of which has previously only been alluded to on screen.

“We wanted to do one of our signature, stylised episodes to fill in the blanks and explore the devastating, formative experiences she went through as a vulnerable teenager – adding in a massive surprise for viewers in the process.”

Emmerdale continues weekdays at 7:00pm on ITV