Emmerdale spoilers: Will Charity Dingle’s reunion with son Ryan end in disaster?

Ryan is upset when he discovers Charity is still keeping him a secret from the rest of her family. Is their relationship doomed?

Charity and her long-lost son Ryan are a long way off from being a happy family. He was horrified when he found out she fell pregnant as a teenager, after being raped by corrupt copper, Mark Bails.

But after previously messing things up with Ryan, Charity is relieved when Ryan’s adoptive mum Irene agrees to give her another chance to get to know him. She is nervous as Ryan arrives at The Woolpack to see her. But once again, things turn sour when Ryan discover sshe is still keeping his existence a secret from the rest of her family. Could it be, she is secretly ashamed?

Later, Charity’s ex, Ross, who is unaware of Ryan’s true identity, gets annoyed when he catches Ryan staring at him in the pub and it almost kicks off between the men. However, Ross soon takes a liking to newcomer Ryan, who is both funny and blunt! Ross invites Ryan around for a drink. But when Ross decides to set Ryan up on a date, it leads to an akward situation for Charity…

Double-bill (Episode 1 of 2)

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