Just when Charity Dingle thinks she might have got a handle on the turmoil her past has created, a fresh nightmare begins. Poised to introduce her long-lost son Ryan (James Moore) to the family, and to explain how he came into being and where he’s been all these years, Charity’s plan takes a huge knock after she takes a panicked phonecall from Ryan’s adoptive mum Irene.

It turns out that round at Irene’s, DI Bails (Rocky Marshall), Ryan’s dad who raped Charity (Emma Atkins) as a teen and got her pregnant, has tipped up to talk to him. Horrified, Charity races round over… What does Bails want? Can Charity handle this?

With help from Frank, besotted Rishi prepares for his date with Manpreet. Jai despairs of his dad’s efforts.

Emmerdale continues on ITV.