Emmerdale spoilers! Charity Dingle gets a visit from Ryan’s angry adoptive mum Irene

Charity Dingle is confronted by angry Irene, Ryan's adoptive mum

In the Woolpack, Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins) finds herself unusually lost for words and cutting comebacks when her son Ryan’s adoptive mum Irene sweeps in and gives her what for. Irene’s furious about a letter Ryan (James Moore) has been sent by Charity and insists the troubled landlady – who has recently come into her son’s life – leaves Ryan alone. Desperate to remain in contact with Ryan, Charity vows not to let him down again. Will Irene acquiesce?

Lachlan’s evil eyes light up when Doug shares intel on Gerry’s fake uncle Terry who recently pulled off a costly con in the village. Doug has found out Terry is a known criminal who preys on the grieving.

Matty in Emmerdale

There’s bad news about Matty…

Elsewhere, Moira gets a phonecall from the hospital. Matty’s been bought in having been badly beaten in a fight.

First episode of the evening.