It’s a big moment for Ryan Stocks who meets the first of his newfound family in his brother, Moses! Charity Dingle decides she’s ready to start making introductions and little Moses is top of the list to meet Ryan (James Moore), Charity’s long-lost son who she believed had died at birth. It’s a great success but Charity (Emma Atkins) later tells her girlfriend Vanessa Woodfield (Michelle Hardwick) that she’s not sure about hooking up Ryan the rest of the Dingle mob.

Poor Rodney Blackstock has his heart broken by his disapproving daughters, Nicola and Bernice who meddle in his relationship with Misty, who they can’t stand, to the extent that she ups and leaves him! When Rodney (Patrick Mower) realises his girls have interferred he gets so cross he collapses, gripping his chest…

Things appear to be going great guns for Pete Barton and Rhona Kirk but Vanessa and Tracy start to get suss that Pete is up to no good. What’s he gone and done?

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