Emmerdale spoilers! Grieving Chas Dingle’s heart breaks as she plans baby Grace’s funeral

Chas Dingle is grieving for her newborn daughter Grace who died in her arms. Vicar Harriet urges the mum to arrange the funeral

Chas Dingle cuts a lonely figure on the sofa in the back room of the Woolpack. Clutching her baby daughter Grace’s teddy bear, she’s a mum clinging on for dear life. Her heart has been shattered following Grace’s death, even though she knew her beloved baby hadn’t developed kidneys and wouldn’t survive outside of her womb.

Vicar Harriet visits bereft parents Chas and Paddy, needing to bring up the tricky topic of Grace’s funeral.

Harriet Finch arrives to talk to Chas Dingle and Paddy Kirk about a funeral following their daughter Grace’s tragic death

Harriet also takes the time to talk Paddy alone. But is the vet prepared to talk candidly about the tragedy he and Chas are dealing with?

Paddy Kirk struggles with his feelings in the wake of his newborn daughter Grace’s death. Can village vicar, Harriet Finch, get him to open up?

In hospital, Charity and Faith are desperate for news on Sarah, who’s been in surgery having a heart transplant. The doctor is unable to give them a concrete answer about the op’s success, which does nothing to help their anxiety.

Robert Sugden freaks out when he finds the haulage office has been broken into and ransacked while he’s been on honeymoon! It’s all his sister Victoria’s handiwork, of course. As Robert tries to reassure frenzied Vic that neither he nor Aaron know where Adam is, will he notice his husband’s unease?